The unexpected newsletter kind of post — that you eventually will read.

3 min readNov 24, 2020

We all often think and hear that consistency is critical to engage audiences in times of war for attention. (And for those who have been asking, you will find links to best hashtags practices in this post kind of newsletter kind of post.)

Every time I review my own content strategy, I come to the reassurance that I will send news as they occur. It means being spontaneous and unexpected.

I promise this is not a procrastinator statement. I just prefer mindful content.

The type of content that reveals things as they occur and don’t just try to distract you with consistent useless news.

Have you heard about Delayed Gratification? The slow-journalism magazine that review news from the past three months? You might think there is something wrong with them.

Why would someone publish a magazine with old information? Here is the beautiful answer:

‘Instead of desperately trying to beat social media to breaking news stories, we focus on the values we all expect from quality journalism — accuracy, depth, context, analysis and expert opinion.’

Another source of content that is very wise in terms of quality content versus ‘you never know when a new — newsletter will arrive’ is the genius website/blog Wait but Why?

Imagine I tell you to write a piece of content that will still be relevant in 6 years. And, it is not literature nor a business best practices book. That’s what you will find in their inconsistent publications — a new post every sometimes.

If you are curious, read this text from 2014 on why we should not care about what other people think.

Metrics of their content? 114k followers on Instagram 292k followers on Twitter. Sometimes you might think they stopped the ‘business’. Suddenly there is a fascinating piece of content in your inbox again.

You must think I am a bit off today 😆

I might be for sincerely saying I am not committed with consistency at all.

I prefer to believe you, the person who reads this, is an intelligent human being who wants some guidance on the critical qualitative aspects that will truly differentiate your content.

I don’t think of you as someone who expects a list on how-to. Not from me at least simply because they are everywhere.

  1. 111 time-saving keyboard shortcuts (can you handle 111 tips?)
  2. 54 content writing examples (knowing your audience is in lesson 7)
  3. 117 content types (lacking ideas?)
  4. 200 points to check your website content (let me know if you are a small business and don’t feel overwhelmed or impelled to hire the person who wrote the article immediately)
  5. How to create a content strategy from scratch (not my publication)
  6. The 2020 hashtag guide
  7. Or, if you want to jump to 2021 hashtag guide
  8. Best practices of Hashtags
  9. 19 social media metrics (again, if you get confused — hire the service :)
  10. Content Strategy Toolkit — again, not my publication (buy and read this to understand the American Content Strategists)

If you connected with me, there must be something else you are interested in.

If you missed the #creativemorningns Field Trips event, the link to my presentation is here, and the discount code from my publishers still valid: Creative Mornings.

Also, the Content Strategy Miro board shared in the previous newsletter evolved, and I added extra templates to it. It’s now on Miroverse.

Ana B.