Where does content live?

8 min readJun 2, 2021

Understand the different meanings Content Strategy takes in different contexts.

Content and Strategy are two buzzwords that combine to form an increasingly searched for term according to Google trends. But if we look into the related topics, you will see how mixed up things are. Is content strategy about websites or part of UX Design? Or is it about marketing and branding?

Digital Collage — Ana B.

Since I developed a method to ideate and create content strategy (Creative Content Kit), I found myself having to clarify content strategy a million times. I began researching a wide variety of resources on the topic (book1, book2, book3) looking into the different perspectives out there. II found experts trying to create a common ground regarding how we use the words in the field of Content Strategy. Language can indeed facilitate communication, but unless an industry validates it, it is still open to interpretation. In conclusion, none of them gives the approach I was looking for to explain my user-centric content editorial tool.

‘Today, content strategy is used to describe many flavours of content work: social media marketing, branded content creation, information architecture and the more UX-specific in-product design work that we do at Facebook.’

06/10/2020, Elisabeth Carr, Head of Content Design, Facebook

In 2020, I noticed that major tech companies, including Mozilla, Shopify and Facebook, released Medium posts explaining why they had changed the departments’ names from Content Strategy to Content Design. It’s a statement on how they see the role of a Content Specialist within a Design Team.

Those articles made me acknowledge that Content Strategy is a broad term under construction. It is impossible to package it and define it in a one-size-fits-all manner, as its definition depends on your specific goals and context.

What is content strategy anyway?

The term Content strategy itself is not new. Still, it is constantly evolving and adapted by its practitioners to keep up to speed with technological innovation and fit new market solutions.

Digital content development does not have a long history. If we were to make a timeline, we would see that digital Content has its roots in the…